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department from 2001 to 2012. it operates the bhugt for cal tran and the transportation authority. >> in many case, my scenario, i know what's going on. >> it included preparing cal tran's financial statements. he was repeatedly instructed to make changes to financial records he believes were illegal. >> he says those changes were tended to inflate the agency's exmentions so it could ask for me taxpayer money. >> we had to increase expenses where there was no true expenses. >> ramirez said finance masters asked him to record made-up exens pences for services the agency never received. >> that's hard to believe. >> oh, it is. it happened. the trains, buses and shuttles provide more than 100,000 rides a day. there are people who two depend on public transportation, like myself. >> every year, we have to scramble to come uh up with funds. >> in recent years, cal tran has raised fairs and sfroezen salaries. ramirez said he was asked to move money around without transparen transparency. >> why did you go along with it. >> cal tran is in the red. okay, we're saving for also rain yi day. but it's no
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about it. >> last year we had little league world series. kids doing great. this time around, nolo cal angle as far as the giants but what a hero as the boston red sox even things up. 2 outs, 2-2 count. and he rides one. he knew it was immediately out of the park. a 3-run homer and it turned out to be the game decider as the red sox do even up the series 2- 2. the game five tonight, but his own jonny gomes didn't even know he was going to be in the starting lineup last night. great story. >> you're in there. you know playing left field, cable out to the dugout and looked up and had to protect david ortiz. good luck with all that. >> the one thing i wanted out of this game was the opportunity, so you know, i got the opportunity tonight and one thing you can guarantee when i am in the lineup i will be swinging and i was fortunate enough right there to take a swing on a good pitch. >> yeah, he is a valuable guy. meantime the big win in london but how about the raiders. looking solid against the pittsburgh steelers and ben roethlisberger. everybody was talking about the big run biter rell
on your morning commute. how's it going, sue? >> it's tough out there. it's a monday morning. multiple cal train delays due to two trains taken out of service. up and down the peninsula expect delays in both directions on cal train. let's go outside right now. one of the better commutes over the golden gate bridge into san francisco. still bumper-to-bumper in a lot of places including behind the toll plaza. as you can see we are looking at a good solid 15 to 20 minute delay to get to the tolls. avo: at volkswagen we believe everyone deserves a better car. and now, during the "sign then drive" sales event, you're closer to yours than ever. like the turbocharged tiguan the midsize passat or the 34 highway mpg jetta. and every new 2014 volkswagen comes with no-charge scheduled maintenance... ...all for practically just your signature. the "sign then drive" sales event is back. ...and it's never been easier to get a new volkswagen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends october 31st. >>> welcome back.
vav piden la rmigreforma de migratoria . >> ahora este congresista de cal california es el primer pu republicanos en apoyar lhr15 p presentapor demoÓcrat . >>(habldo -- inglÉs . su esperanza que easo que da impulse a mÁs colegaahacer lo mis pero el prolblema no s se puede ignorar dice que aÑad que no favorece el liderago re publicanos de migrainmigraciÓn po partes >> maÁs de 25 repou ubcanos dice ciudadanÍa para los millonse doscuntados, pero ninguno res respal una pleroyecto de ley . >> lo qhisue hiszo es demotraruÁl es el seiguiente paso de palabras a accioÓn . >> cruciaoll paa es consista que maÑaanna abildea600 cons conserdores de todos los sect seores por la rgraefma de migratoria . pero algunos dicen que marc rubiolanza balde de aguas friÍas e >> el ala que en vista que el plan delsenado no eneiene apoyo y temores de imposiciÓn se debeel eliminar la preocupioÓpara t tratar de logarrrar algo en las e area Áreas de consenso deice un vocer . >> en migrainmigraciÓsea por parte algo que ru dicque siempre pensÓ sria eriÍa loejor . >> no dbeen irse por el lado
trains are out of the yard on time. no delays reported for cal train. no problems for 101 heading across the golden gate. a look at kcbs traffic. >>> . >>> talking really gusting winds, light rain. kpix doppler picking up light rainfall totals, especially over the santa cruz mountains. if traveling highway 17, highway 9, may hit patches of wet weather, some slick conditions. couple showers expected through the afternoon. >>> out the door, breezy, mostly cloudy skies, temperatures mainly in the upper 40s to low 50s. kind of a mix of sunnd clouds. temperatures on the cooler side, below average. fifties pushing to the low 60s. the low continues to drop south, causing all this wet, breezy weather. the main energy to system farther east. bay area on the western edge. that's bringing this fall storm. looks like most of northern california getting hit with wet weather. a snow-rain mix if you're out in tahoe with a high today of about 39 degrees. . temperatures are about 10 degrees below average. used to reaching in the low 70s. 61 your forecasted high in concord, 62 in pleasant hill, walnut cre
between bankroft way near cal campus. another suspicious package found near telegraph avenue. the area is shut down now as well. >> sky 7 over a fire at san francisco mission district this afternoon. flames engulfed a three-story building on 26th street near valencia. the fire spread to two other buildings, causing heavy damage to all of them. about 100 firefighters responded to this fire. a man in one building described what he saw when he went outside after smelling smoke. >> it was intense. and the building was fire. we're going to be okay. you know? >> the fire department brought the fire under control just after, just before 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. no one was injured, thankfully. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> crews put out a small wildfire burning this afternoon. sky 7 hd was overhead. containment complicated because of the steep terrain and trees. the fire briefly closed san pablo road burning near a east bay mudd facility. >> in santa rosa, details about the sheriff deputy shot and killed a 13-year-old boy, andy lopez who police say was holding a repli
to all of cal berkley's women's basketball games. it's one of the few breaks that lewis allowed himself over the past 18 months as he dug into the idiocy and negligence that produced the worst financial crisis since the great depression. >> i'm afraid that our culture will come to the conclusion-- 'cause it's always the easy conclusion--that everybody was just a bunch of criminals. i think the story is much more interesting than that. i think it's a story of mass delusion. >> lewis' forte has always been discovering little-known facts and characters that change people's perception about a story. so when he finally sat down at his computer with sacks full of research to write about this calamity, he had no interest in treasury secretary hank paulson or ben bernanke or the ceos of wall street's big investment banks, who he believes had no clue what was going on while it was going on. he wanted to tell the story through the eyes of people who were paying attention and who knew that a financial disaster was inevitable. >> but there were a handful of characters who actually had seen it comin
quick note here. cal tran system about a half hour delay due to earlier equipment problems. right here, 101 southbound starting to loosen up. we many a crash just past willow. that's where the red zone is. but it's starting to loosen up. that crash has cleared just south of university. meanwhile, heading up toward oakland, still have the late slowing for north 88. we look over here toward the toll plaza. no big deal. back to you. >> thanks, mike. much more local news coming up at 11:00. hope to see you then. ♪ >>> all right. we're back on this funday monday. getting you caught up on all things hollywood. jenna bush hager is here helping me do a fantastic job. >> it's fun. here to fill us in on celebrity scoop, my man, rob chuter. >> hello. >> all right, rob. let's talk about chris brown. >> this is a big story. >> what is wrong with him? >> over the weekend, he was caught in a brawl in d.c., in the wee hours of the morning, 4:30 in the morning, he got in an altercation outside the "w" hotel. a very fancy hotel in d.c. he was arrested, taken away. >> what did he say before, i just wan
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)